Heather Vargas Vs. The Universe: How to Light a Firework in 2024

Heather Vargas

In today’s adventure our hero finds herself trying to light a firework in Colorado. Colorado is one of those states where the cool fire works are outlawed and how did Colorado decide to respond this year? Sending drones to find out where the fire works are coming from. This is a giant infringement on the rights of Colorado Americans as the government continues to find new ways to use new technologies to police us. Surely this technology will be implemented to restrict the privacy of everyday Coloradoans in a 1984 level of proportion. It’s anti-Colorado. While she didn’t actually see one the fact that there was headlines about it leading up to it seriously makes her wonder what lines the government, federal and state, won’t cross. Will she make it out alive? Will she get away with this or will she get caught? As always find out next time on HVVSTU.

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