Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: Clown World

hector vargas

Today our hero invites you on a journey unlike any other, full of magic and strangeness. That’s right. Today our dives into the real world of our American political system. Grab our hand as we experience the magical realm that is the clown show and enjoy our time being clowns in the circus. Although it seems today he’s the ring leader maybe you can follow his lead and become the ring leader yourself one day. Do you have what it takes? Brought to you by the fact the Author Hector Vargas worked as head of security for Cirque Du Soleil, one of the most famous circus acts in the world, as he gears up to start his next semester of college in political science we will be here through out the fall to bring you epic Hector Vargas Vs The Universe adventures!

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