Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: “Done With Denver Plumbing”

hector vargas

Today our hero shows us a future not too far away. What would’ve really been considered a joke 30 years ago is now the backwards society we actually live in as males try to intrude on public female spaces. Wether or not your genital “plumbing” is done you can enter the bathroom of the opposite sex regardless of who else is there. Denver still has both types of bathrooms with some places making the jump to get a third bathroom or allow anyone in whatever bathroom or locker room they want in the name of inclusion. Doesn’t matter how you dress as long you identify as that gender the same day. Our friend Hector here is clearly thinking traditional bathrooms that have been around forever are a bigot ideology being pushed onto him… what’s next? Flat earth? Trans genocide? None of these things exist but someone’s still going to find a way to be offended. Follow us as we find drain to unblock like a weird Mario brother ;)

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