Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: Same Shit Different Year

hector vargas


Today our hero has a bone to pick with a LOT of people. From George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden secretly planning to kill thousands on 9/11 to Biden, Zelensky, Putin, whoever made the gay flag, whoever started Black Lives Matter movement scam, Fauci, Jeffrey Epstein, and Bill Gates conspiring to destroy the human population altogether. What can he do though? He was a kid during 9-11 and he just thought it was normal now he’s an adult seeing all these tragedies and these younger generations just think this is normal. Will our hero make it out alive? Only time will tell with this cinematic masterpiece. 
Making a surprise appearance is my dad for some reason ahah I’m sure he had horrors beyond my comprehension going through his head during 9-11 while I was oblivious that he was oblivious to in his youth ahah Vietnam probably. Enjoy Hector Vargas Vs The Universe here on Worlds Greatest. 

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