Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: When GWBush was Prez

hector vargas

Today our hero brings new life to this tiktok he found 10 seconds ago. While today our president is playing on our fears and forcing countries to act in a pointless war its hard to imagine a world where conservatives were in charge. Still it was and we were there when 9/11 happened too. Wild stuff to see society turn upside down.

Were things better with Bush though? When America was making direct contact with hyper rich nations? I think now with the introduction of the internet as the worlds eyes gravitate towards America we have to be on our best behavior and the curren administration has forced russia into a war they never prepared for. It’s insane that we’re so bad ass considering all the stuff this country has been going through with race war, culture war, gender war, etc. Hopefully when Russia is done fighting we will have decided what a woman is.
Stay tuned for more updates and qoutes from the Worlds Greatest here on Hector Vargas Vs The Universe!

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