Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: A Kitty & His Litterbox

hector vargas

Today, our hero travels down memory lane as he stumbles on an ancient forgotten memory he’s unlocked as we say good bye to friend. After a kick ass party at his friends house he decided to get some sleep on the living room floor… little did he know he laid his head right next to… the litter box. Not only that! It seems our long time nemesis Kitty has left us a little present waiting just for us. This isn’t your standard self cleaning litterbox either. Or standard kitty for that matter. These poops STANK. Only you can decide if our hero made it out alive. Will our hero save the day? Probably not this one since its not his house and he’s never owned a cat so he doesn’t know how to start so he’ll find a different spot in the room but find out next time on HECTOR VARGAS VS THE UNIVERSE!

R.I.P Kitty! You will be missed! ❤️

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