Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: World Social Culture War

hector vargas

Today our hero fights for the generations of tomorrow. As society changes and new cultural norms evolve one must always be wary of the things they're trying to teach our kids now a days. The boundaries of social culture are being tested all over the world and everyone is doing their best to defend themselves against the violent attacks on their traditional values. 

The socio cultural down fall of our 8 billion different peoples has been compared to the downfall of Ancient Rome, with America leading the world towards it’s seemingly impending doom. As we try to become more inclusive and diverse and multicultural, it seems like fascism is trying to take over in America as millions of people have realized it’s not illegal to raise your impressionable kids towards being gay and groom them to the point where they’ve destroy their reproductive and mental health.

While other countries teach their kids to be smart and strong in the bodies they’ve been given, American social customs are changing fast and becoming more predatory in the name of acceptance and inclusion and sadly it is becoming the new normal as people continue to push the boundaries of societal norms.

Watch as leaders in Uganda take a stand against these attacks on there culture and heritage and sign a bill imposing stricter punishments for homosexuality and sexualizing children.


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