Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: Keep Disneycruise Dreamin’

hector vargas


Today our hero finds himself having a day dream about riding on the disneycruise. Based on memories of my disney experience or going to Disneyland as a child i couldn’t help but to think about going on the Disney cruise now that I’m an adult. Drinks, food, and nothing but Disney themed fun? Sign me up. I am however cashpoor so i will keep dreaming of a way to get there. 

After i work my butt off while also in school i will definitely make sure i have the experience of a lifetime. Hanging out with my favorite characters, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie, and maybe i can find myself a little stuffed Bambi in the store! I’ll have to check the disney world park reservations to make my cruise reservations! Hopefully i can see Mickey and his friends! Keep supporting Worlds Greatest and we’ll have to bring Disney in on a collab! Maybe we can throw some Disney themed spring clothes in our store!

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