How to Begin Animating: 3 Easy Steps

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The world of animation can seem huge and vastly complicated. Often the most basic ideas seem complex and overwhelming but with just a little pinch of determination and an idea even you, yes you, can start to create beautiful pieces for your portfolio or employer in no time! When i first started learning graphic design and animation my freshman year of college I was completely unaware of how useful the information i was going to gain just in these entry level classes. The consistent practice through homework and class projects was a huge advantage and looking back i would've saved everything i worked on and tried to remember that everything i did in class could easily be used outside of class or even worked on and refined in the future but i digress.

Animation consists of providing multiple images in sequence to provide the illusion of movement. As an animator it is your job to create life from nothing. When Disney was first created many of the elements from their first pieces of works ended up becoming the blueprint for many of their huge box office successes, however, many of the characters they first rolled out are unheard of! (Ever hear of Oswald Rabbit? Mickey Mouses preliminary sibling?)

Whatever you choose to create today, these are the steps it takes to get things moving and hopefully the skills you pick up from here will lead you to the right direction. So without Further ado.

Step !: Picture Your Key Frames

What did i just say about your momma? No, if you don't know what key frames are imagine what action you're trying to get your character to create. How does the action of your character start out and where will it end? Create a timeline in your head of the point A start point and point B end point in your characters action. Sketch it out. It could be easier to draw out the first point or build up before the action followed by drawing the second point or how you want your character to end point. Already you have an animation but lets keep going to make it look cleaner, smoother, and more professional.

Step 2: Sketch Out Your In - Betweens

Take the two points that you just drew and make an estimated guess as to what your character would look like in the exact middle of these two points. Sketch it out (point c). Already your animation should look a lot smoother and less choppy. Though it's still not enough for many projects. As for simple videogames and cartoons this could be enough but if your idea requires a higher quality of production you can replicate this process.
Take your (point a) starting pointing and your new in - between frame (point c) and make a new sketch of where you think would be the middle of those two points. Good job but don't forget to do that same process to original middle point we made (point c) and the end point (point b.) now you have to new in between frames and your animation should start to look professional. Repeat the cycle until your happy.

Step 3: Put Them All Together

Like a flip book you can start to see how with each frame you add creates more and more professional looking animations. Press play in your program or platform and watch the results. Now all you gotta add is sound and you've got your self an extra sensory experience for the general masses to come. Hopefully your work has paid off just keep retaking these steps over and over forever for every scene you come up with. 

Hopefully you've taken what you could from this excerpt. Of course theres lots of programs and fun exciting steps you have to take in order to further your skills but as far as it goes but all it takes is you. Keep practicing and practicing and theres no doubt you'll create so many works and start so many projects in no time. Whether you do it professionally for a company or decide to do it for yourself in your free time just know you're going to go far if you just keep the dream alive. Have any ideas? Theres Advertisments, Youtube channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram theres so many platforms to display your own resume everywhere.


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