“Smoke Em’ If You Got Em’” GIF by Hector Vargas

hector vargas

UPDATE: On september 5th 2021 Denver Artist Hector Vargas started really getting a good work flow for his initial sparks in his portfolio. Although admittedly he spent more time on this than he would’ve liked there was still a lot learned about the programming. Really picking up were we left off creatively in 2017. He would draw skeletons and dinosaurs smoking or doing entertaining things on the family computer which was his biggest tool. This was the first time he’s really picked up his art since 2017 when the family computer became his dads personal business.

Learning how to use Adobe illustrator was tough but now it’s so fun zooming through it. It took all morning but I smoked a blunt and it was 2 pm by the time I finished. The lil animation was the quickest part in Adobe animate. Took like 10 minutes then another 10 to figure out how to export for various platforms and I’m not done learning but I open Adobe media Encoder and closed that bitch up I’ll figure it out another day. Right now it’s about focusing on creating content and I laid a lot of groundwork for a music video and an animated series I’m working on. 

Talking to myself is really hard but once I figure out why my $200 mic sounds like trash I’ll drop the name of it, give it a nice review, and finally produce quality music and fresh content! I hope there’s enough money in my bank account to keep my website open long enough for the Aliens to see my work as it progresses and evolves and hopefully feel the need to work with me and it’s so powerful that I am fully revived and can go on fun alien adventures for a finite amount of time. 

Once I fix the sound there will be sound to my animations thus solidifying WORLDS GREATEST LLC’s legitimacy as an animation studio for tax reasons.(; we’re already an ad agency, recording studio, investment management firm, and carpenter what could we do to make you possibly believe it?

Thank God I bought a MacBook Air last year or I’d be toast stuck in the same rut working as a carpenter. The age of technology is hard for an artist. I’ve tried to stay out of trouble and without a computer it’s hard to make produce anything. So hopefully getting in this habit of having a good workflow and dedicating time to getting my name out there as an artist could be beneficial for the sake of my children’s children.

So until then I say, smoke em if u got em.

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