High Schools to Replace Varsity Athletics with Video Games and Gaming?

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With Nintendo announcing its recognition from the high school varsity athletics department, let's take a look at how and what the company is doing to achieve this and what it could mean for the future of gaming. Taking it's first steps towards not only gearing towards the world education but with use of their state of the art technology and genuinely entertaining video games Nintendo is actually starting to take competitive gaming and revolutionize it for the generations to come. 

No they haven't replaced varsity athletics. They announced their partnership with PlayVS, one of the leading high school, college, and youth esports leagues in the country, towards the end of May 2021, which would officially make two of the most popular Nintendo games Super Smash bros. Ultimate and Splatoons 2 recognized by the varsity athletics at participating high schools beginning in Fall 2021! Thats right! Video games are now going to be considered a varsity sport! What a time to be alive!

Whats Going On

Covid really accelerated the demand for socially distanced activities and study /  work form home options for students and hardworking Americans, it was only a matter of time that some creative minds would come together and profit from an idea that actually has the capacity to change how things could and should be done. Logically with the advancements the gaming community has made in the last decade it would only make sense to take this technology and adapt it to the real world. 

Thats why Nintendo has partnered with PlayVS and are working together as they become officially recognized by varsity athletics. 

Why This is Good

Now that may sound terrifying or cause feelings of outrage even to some but this can actually be a good thing! With this setting a precedence we could actually start to imagine new and better applications for the development of a child's mind while also encouraging movement. While of course gaming would be a good way for a child to practice their coordination, with the technology Nintendo has to offer there is definitely room for expansion from making gym class fun in school or at home, to creating a mass platform for several of their greatest hits.

Imagine all the esports that could bring joy to the hearts of the class rooms. Not only that, of course, everyone would love to see the movement and physical demand from titles such as Just Dance or even 1-2 Switch to name a few as they require more movement that could go as far as be considered exercise even. Seeing the actual physical competition light up in a child's eyes when competing or working with their friends to accomplish a goal might be more than enough to prove to parents and educators that with the right applications this could really take off. All of this without even mentioning how Virtual Reality could also start to play a role in all of this.


Needless to say, this is a milestone for the whole community and even the country as we begin to expand into a new age. Not a lot has changed but we have learned a lot since the first video games came out nearly 50 years ago and i'm sure all gamers will appreciate a new platform that actually recognizes the billion dollar industry of esports and competitive gaming so as to revolutionize how people will interact for the generations to come. 

What You Can Do

The season is to start September 20th, 2021! Mariokart 8 Deluxe is said to be added to the roster of sanctioned high school varsity season sometime next year! On top of that PlayVS and Nintendo is going to be giving a Nintendo Switch to hundreds of schools across the country that will compete in this 2021-2022 school year qualification requirements will be shared at a later date! 3,000 select schools will receive either a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2 game and a Nintendo Switch Online 12-month Individual Membership. 

If you’re a high school student or faculty member interested in competing this upcoming season, join our waitlist today at plyvs.com/3f9Lsu8.

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