Trump v Biden: The Presidential Debates 2024

Heather Vargas

During the presidential debates, the sitting president Joe Biden and previous president Donald Trump did nothing except call each other liars and argue about who is better at golf. This has led millions of conservative Americans to take to social medias following suit of American leadership as they now begin to spew lies and spread misinformation, of which they’ve spent years accusing the “woke” Democratic Party of doing. In the case of the if you can’t beat them at their own game so you might as well join them republicans have stormed x, formerly known as twitter, to denounce President Joe Bidens’ “incompetence” by any means necessary from making memes to spreading misinformation about the debates to attack the presidents credibility in office for the upcoming election. However, democrats have only taken to social media to not only make jokes about the whole situation but to call out trump for the actual things he has done as well as point out that the current presidents performance during the debates was anything but incompetent.


As the debates started Joe Biden came in guns blazing with current events that are effecting American politics and blaming his predecessor for the terrible problems within the country that he inherited and had to fix. Things such as the poor handling of the COVID-19 virus by the previous presidents administration, the overturning of roe v wade that trump has taken credit for, and the sky rocketed unemployment rate that left the country in shambles in 2020. Trump made sure to counter by saying he had the safest borders, best economy, taking credit for putting in the justices on the Supreme Court that over turned roe v wade because even though he believes in exceptions for rape and incest abortion is wrong because “children were being murdered at 9 months in the womb”, and that Joe handled COVID poorly with masks and isolation. Joe Biden countered by calling ex president trump a liar. This was when former president trump learned he could say whatever he wanted to counter his competition as long as he called whatever Joe said a lie.

Some of the actual lies that Biden has been telling were pointed out by president Trump, as he accused his political oppenent of corruption and using the legal system against ex president trump with false charges because Biden “couldn’t win fair and square” but really the most damning piece of evidence in trumps favor was the Hunter Biden laptop which he mentioned how the Biden administration had it flipped as Russian disinformation to protect Hunter Biden. This was embraced by democrats who have made non stop memes and jokes about the sitting presidents refusal to take a drug test before the debates as it alludes to evidence on the laptop of Hunters drug, illegal gun, and sex with sex workers charges of which he was only charged with gun charges. Also trump stated how January 6th was nearly harmless and that he told his followers to be peaceful to which president Biden said was “a bunch of malarkey”. The pissing competition did not stop however at calling each other liars though it did take a brief pause when the topic of Israel came up.


Trump took the opportunity to blame Hamas for what happened in Israel in what left the sitting president who is also a Zionist shocked to say the least. As Biden realized that trump has caught on to the Zionist game he did what he could to claim that his aid to Israel was better than Trumps as Israel is supplied with weapons from the US to defeat Hamas but also mentioned how they don’t need huge bombs bc civilians get hurt. Trump then called Biden “basically a Palestinian” bc his aid to the country of Israel isn’t enough and also helps Palestinians in an attempt to make the sitting president seem less supportive of Israel to Israelians. The circle jerk was nearly over until asked about Russia. While trump would not accept Purim’s terms to ending the war he explained that the war would’ve never started in the first place if he was president because he was respected and seemed confident he could end the war even before he took office and that we’ve spent way too much on Ukraine and way more than any other country. Biden took to reminding Trump that he’s in bed with these authoritarian leaders and that South Korea and plenty of other countries who oppose those authoritarian regimes have spent plenty to help Ukraine as well. The nail on trumps coffin was that Biden mentioned how trump would pull out of NATO leaving us vulnerable to Europe to which trump could no longer respond as they moved on to the next question.


When asked about his age and competence, ex president Donald trump responded by being boastful about his golfing skills and willingness to take a cognitive competency test unlike his opponent. Somehow being good at golf is a display of mental and physical ability that the president needs to do the most important job in the world. This is when the sitting president took the most offense as he argued with the ex president how he’s mentioned multiple times that he’s ready to play golf anytime anywhere so long as trump carries his own clubs. Once the speaker tried to stop their back and forth on the matter of who’s better at golf trump told Biden to stop acting childish before both mics were muted. 


While both presidents made great points as to why neither of them should be president it’s clear America is totally divided by which of the two genocidal maniacs should run this country. While support for Joe Biden is dwindling because of his support for Israel the idea of trump throwing more MAGA conservatives in the Supreme Court is more unnerving to democrats as trump also is in full support of the genocidal country. Rights that conservatives are working so hard to remove from Americans are being considered as democrats have watched the fascist republican party undo women’s reproductive rights, education, and climate change but those are just the tip of the ice berg as racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and uneducated MAGA republicans are working effortlessly to remove the rights from diverse or marginalized groups that aren’t cisgender, straight, and white. While these characteristics are not found in the Republican Party alone it’s people with these characteristics that mostly lean conservative and while both sides of the American political system are terrible and supportive of the Palestinian genocide and white supremacy the lesser of the two evils comes with the Democratic Party who historically might not do anything but might be able to restore many of our rights and ensure advocacy for everyone in the creation of new policies. 

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