How to Talk to Women

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Today we will take an in depth look on the ways you should talk to women to make friends, get them to talk to you, and quite possibly get you a date! Now if you're reading this you're probably like me in a way. We're both smart confident people who love women but see the ways how they are constantly in danger. We know not all men but for us not all men goes without question. No. When people look at us they know they're safe because we bring that energy with us that lets them know they can laugh here.

I'm not saying you have to be funny. Girls will laugh at anything! i know I'm not the most attractive guy in the world, i'm definitely not the strongest, or the smartest but you bet your ass i am when she's talking to me. It's something you can just sense within the first 5 seconds of talking to her. I honestly don't even need to be a guy to confirm that she's in love. You could wear a dress and i promise you a girl out there will still talk to you. You know why? You and i just carry ourselves well.  The second you feel she's not interested or she starts to act not interested because we didn't move fast enough we can take the hint. But after a little conversation we both feel comfortable everything happens naturally. 

Thats the thing though, you have to respect women even after things fall apart. Know when to let go and remember never to lay a hand on them. You are a man and no matter what you are a protector or you're a woman it's the same thing regardless. So with that being said that we love and respect women and can handle rejection because we're not thirsty and we're gentlemen,,, here are 3 steps on how to talk to women and approach them.

Step 1: Be Confident

If you've been listening to anything i've been saying you know this is literally the only step. All go through cycles in my life where I'll get sad or depressed and self conscious and anxious and scared in all honesty. I absolutely will not put myself out there if I'm not feeling comfortable let alone when I'm facing rejection all out. But until you decide to get out of bed and try, it's life changing. You know what makes me get out of bed? It's subconscious but it's something in the air, the seasons might've changed, I'm not sure but something different. It's my energy. I'm feeling confident in the things I'm doing. Typically I'm working making a bunch of money or a little money i'll act like i'm making millions. Other times i'm just in my sweats, no job, walking around like Steve Jobs off the clock. Right now, I'm still thinking about getting a better job and hitting the gym still while focusing on MY interests because i know the girl of my dreams is also going to share some of my interests because they're my interests and i'm so confident it doesn't matter what i'm doing she going to love it.

When you're confident you try to talk to her. You message her. You download whatever dating app is out now and you get to work trying put yourself out there to her. When you're confident you do and say things to win her over, to make her laugh, to make her feel good about herself. You can be douchey if your not an asshole, actually that a lie you can even be an asshole, as long as you do it in a way thats makes no one question you. Own it. However if you've never talked to a girl before you want to treat her well. Be sweet to her, be patient, give her space, and do your own thing she'll want to join you sooner or later. There's nothing wrong with being nice just don't call yourself a nice guy be it. Charm her every chance you get and she will remember that kindness.

2. Be In Charge

It almost goes without saying right? If you're confident it would likely cause you to take charge of the situation for what it is! Once you've noticed that she's interested and she's shown signs that you have a shot, you gotta take it, and just run with the ball. You've gotten some replies on whatever social media or text or one of those dating apps. You got a little nibble, now it's time to reel her in! Tell her she's pretty, tell one of your famous jokes, steer the conversation, let her know you're interested and if you receive a positive response you've pretty much done it congratulations! You're a man (or woman) in love! You found a person who might share the same feelings you're feeling now.

This is what it's all about, you're having fun, flirting. and laying down the base and theres a whole lot of base left right? Now if you're confident and take charge you'll make her a friend, an acquaintance, or your partner in no particular order. If you want a friend this is all you gotta do! You can invite her out with other friends! If you don't want to get to know that person that well anymore you have the self respect to not make a move. However you felt an energy and you like this person you're actually getting to know you take charge and make that date and ask her out on it. She's probably just as excited to get out of the house with someone cool to do something fun! 

3. Don't take yourself too serious

Let loose a little! If she's not interested for whatever reason at any given moment she's not interested. We move on to the next one. If we did find a connection yes we're going to pursue it but if they leave tomorrow we're going to be fine because we're confident guys who at least we got to talk to a them and spend some time with them. We're still going to focus on ourselves and hope they wanna ride but it's never that deep. The whole confidence can be sexy and the taking charge can also turn them on but if you cant breathe or relax and laugh every once in a while it can be a giant turn off and you're not going to last too long.

i've done it, i've killed relationships because i smothered them or didn't care enough. You'll find your way. I wouldn't put too much pressure on her or your relationship. If she's choosing to be with you just try to have a good time. If she chooses to leave give her that freedom, shes a person too, and she'll deserves it. We love and respect women in this house theres no denying that. We are going to treat them like Queens no matter what.


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