Super Mario Bro's getting an update??

hector vargas

Michael Kegan Key and Seth Rogen have done it again, bringing comedy to new heights with Super Mario bro's All Star crew. Along side some of comedies greatest legends such as Charlie Day and Chris Pratt as Mario and Luigi, we're in for a laugh the likes have never experienced before. That's right Michael Kegan Key from world renowned comedy sketch shows Key & Peele and more iconically MadTV. Though it will be interesting to see him without his life long comedic partner Jordan Peele (who worked on horror block busters such as GET OUT and US after Key & Peele) it will be incredible to see what sort of crazy hijinks he finds himself in as he plays Toad. One of the good mushroom people of the mushroom kingdom.

Seth Rogen is also missing his lifelong comedic buddy, James Franco. (After a series of questionable movies, shows, and decisions.) Fans of the Rog-man are excited to see our main man in a refreshing light giving life to video game character Donkey Kong. Best known for his role in the Mario games franchise as well as his own line of games. This movie is going to be wild wether its a train wreck or the greatest masterpiece of cinema history, especially with this crew.

Be sure to hold on for the ride when Super Mario Bro's hits the theaters.

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