Hector Vargas Vs The Universe: Why Am I Like This?

hector vargas

Based on true events. Our hero finds himself becoming spontaneously mentally ill again. Although he’s fighting to stay on top of his mental health using cbd oils it seems like sometimes he has a little flare up of his old mental illness. Gender dysphoria or whatever they call being transgender now a days lol. Is it that he’s battling with these new ideologies or is he just broke, stupid, and likes the attention?

A message from Hector:

“Although i am taking all the steps to “detransition” i would like to remind everyone that not a thing about me has changed. Although i might have tits now my sex was never going to change and I’m so glad i realized that before i cut my hoohaa off. With that being said if I’m having days where I’m defeated and i can’t not show off my tiddies it’s my right as an American to be whoever i want as a grown as adult and look as pretty or as handsome or whatever. I can accept when I’m showing signs of mental illness if i try to convince myself I’m a female. Theres no way i will ever be a real woman and if more people could just accept that things would be fine. 

I’m keeping the tits though. “

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  • Just A Mom on

    Just a mom here.

    Know that you are loved. I know many transgender people in my life, they are amazing people. Powerful and strong. I have known women who I have found out to be transgender later who are some of the greatest inspirations to me.

    Again you are are loved. You are wonderful any way you want to be. You deserve to know and hear this!

  • Hector on

    I am too funny man 😂😂

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