The Supreme Courts 2024 Decisions in the Summer Heat: We have a King now

Heather Vargas

What has the Supreme Court done?

Within the scope of a week the United States Supreme Court has done the unthinkable and made choices that will change the shape of this country for years to come. While you may remember the Supreme Courts decision to remove the rights of American women by overturning Roe vs Wade which gave the decision on abortion to the state they have been working to remove more rights from the American citizens while ensuring more rights for themselves and corrupt government officials. The Supreme Court has made dastardly decisions on homelessness, the lines of Presidential immunity, and removing power from federal agencies put in place to protect Americans. Not only that they have also ruled that it’s constitutional to bribe Supreme Court justices. Our current system has been broken because of these narrow minded justices who lean heavily conservative when we should have justices that are as apolitical as possible with the only option being to vote for Biden to ensure better judges with the public’s best interests in mind are appointed.


Supreme Court Decisions Explained:
Snyder Vs. United States

Besides overturning age old decisions like Roe vs Wade, which were used to protect Americans, the Supreme Court has been hard at work thinking about new ways to remove other rights from everyday Americans but not before ensuring they can keep their bribes. On Wednesday June 26th, 2024 the Supreme Court decided that the federal anti-bribery law does not make it illegal for officials to accept a gratuity for acts if they already took it. In the case of James Snyder, who was a former mayor who took $13,000 from a truck company for them to receive contracts over $1 million for trash trucks for the city, (Howe, 2024)  this was decided 6-3 by the conservative majority. 


City of Grants Pass, Oregon V. Johnson

This 6-3 conservative majority is a common theme as most of these decisions were based on a conservative majority. The most infuriating which led many to take to social media to protest against has been the conservative majority Supreme Court decision to make it illegal to be homeless. On Friday June 28th, 2024 they decided that it is not unconstitutional for cities to ban homeless people from living in public parks and it was not cruel and unusual for violators to then face criminal charges. A terrible precedent for future Americans facing poverty who will not only face homelessness but now also face criminal charges on top of that which will not help them out of homelessness. Many have noted that this will be one of many tactics used by the conservative government to have more prisoners or modern slaves in americas capitalistic prison system.


Lopper Bright Enterprises Inc V. Raimondo

On another 6-3 conservative decision the Supreme Court decided also According to George Petras in his article titled “From the Chevron rule to Trump’s immunity, how the Supreme Court voted in recent rulings.” On Friday June 28th, 2024 the Supreme Court has decided to reverse the 1984 decision that “guided how federal agencies protect the environment, workers, consumers and more. The decision makes it easier for regulations to be challenged in court.” (Petras, 2024) So on top of removing rights from American homeless people, they gave the corporations a chance to lower their health and safety standards, practices, and regulations. Many critics have noticed that American products are already expensive but now the quality will be even LOWER. Not only that, this gives corporations a chance to pollute the Earth as they please and destroy the quality of life for the typical American.


Fischer V. US
Also after multiple self interest decisions the conservative leaning Supreme Court decided on Friday June 28th, 2024 that they also need “a new review of the law being used to charge hundreds of defendants, including former President Donald Trump, with obstruction in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021” (Petras, 2024) which will give them more time to decide on this case which might be enough for trump to take back office and for none of this to matter.
Trump V. US

The most shocking of the Supreme Court decisions occurred on Monday July 1st, 2024 when the Supreme Court left a nasty precedent in the hopes their representative, Donald Trump, uses it when he takes office. They essentially decided that the president has total immunity for official acts that they take in office. So while Trump can be tried as a presidential candidate someone needs to decide if this was an official act not reject his 2020 loss and overturn it using force. This has led for massive calls for Joe Biden to replace the Supreme Court, assassinate his political rival Donald Trump, or make sudden changes to the system as they would be official acts aimed at preserving the integrity of democracy. The sitting president has expressed that he will not use his new found power and it might be best as anything he does Donald Trump or other evil men will absolutely take advantage of this. Donald trump has stated several times he would become a dictator and the Supreme Court has set up a golden throne for their puppet King.

Derek Michael White V. The State of Iowa


I misspoke, the most shocking could be that the Supreme Court ruled on Friday June 28th 2024  that it’s unconstitutional for children to testify without having to confront their abuser in person in court. They will not even allow the child to join via video call they must appear in person and in court. They completely do not care about the safety of children and are willing to traumatize them as there is no way around the disgusting face to face confrontation ruling. This MAGA conservative Supreme Court highlights how extreme MAGA republicans are and how removed from reality they truly are. This forces Trump to take credit and embrace the lunatic right wing conservatives that he once hated and called stupid.


Why this is important?
While Trump might’ve started out by gaining a following to defeat the corruption in government in plain sight he’s become everything he convinced his followers he would stop and theyre following him blindly. Even many liberals who are upset with Bidens policies on Palestine and Israel would rather not vote for any genocidal maniacs but the fact of the matter is that we have an insane and conservatively stacked Supreme Court who continues to remove the rights from everyday Americans while giving to the rich, themselves, and the corporations while ensuring the demise of Palestine. We need to vote for Biden to ensure the next Supreme Court justices are democrats to ensure our rights stay and keep the Supreme Court apolitical as it was meant to be. While he’s the lesser of two evils this should be a wake up call for all Americans who are concerned to START VOTING and KEEP VOTING. Pay attention to your local politicians and ensure the ones who support a genocide, are against rights for Americans, and dont have the public’s best interest are no longer voted into office. We need to do a deep cleanse of the American government and get rid of corruption on ALL sides but its too late to throw our votes away on a third party now. Get out there and vote!




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